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The first step is to create an account if you have not already done so. When you create an iavito account, we will ask to verify your account. This is just a draft, nothing will be published until you are ready to add an ad. When you put your chosen rent in the ad, it is the total rent that the tenant will pay you. This makes it easier for both you and the tenant when discussing pricing.

Creating the ad

The next step is to create an ad on iavito. iBauer group in collaboration with
Keep in mind that a good description and some nice pictures makes the ad stand out, and also means that you do not have to answer unnecessary questions later
by interested tenants.

Here you can also add two of our add ons to make your rental even safer.
Here is one of several places where you can add any of our add ons to make your rental even safer. When you add your ad, during edit ad and in the Tags(add a tag) where you can also add the extra services.
The options are the Landlord-Rental Guarantee 2.5% and Rental Insurance 2%.

The Landlord-Rental Guarantee means that we guarantee that you get the rent paid for up to a total of 6 months if the tenant should stop paying the rent. The guarantee applies to all tenants, regardless of who you sign an agreement with. We take the risk with unpaid rents and compensate you in the event of non-payment. This means that you can feel extra calm during your rental with the Landlord-Rental Guarantee.

By choosing the package with Rental Insurance, you are protected against damage that occurs during the rental, such as red wine stains on the sofa, marks on the kitchen counter and scratches on the floor. It covers damages up to €10,000. If you need to use the insurance in the event of a damage, the tenant is responsible for the deductible of up to €1,000. It costs 2% of the rent per month and the fee is deducted directly from the rent before it is paid to you.

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